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My 60 page free "Key Guide - Moving & Relocating in South Florida" is a custom guide that I designed as a complete reference for local, national and international moves. 

If you are moving locally, you will find:
√ 16 pages dedicated to the purchasing process;
√ City hall directory;
√ CM rom to Broward County's official site with links to all cities;
√ Driver's license information;
√ Post office change of address contact form;
√ Utility company directory.

If you are moving nationally, in addition, you will find information on:
√ Airports;
√ Arts & culture;
√ Banking;
√ Broward County - it's history;
√ Children: How to help them with the move;
√ Florida trivia;
√ Hurricane preparation;
√ Libraries;
√ Local references for service providers;
√ Map of Broward County;
√ Newspapers;
√ Parks;
√ Places to visit;
√ Religious institutions;
√ Schools - contact information and how to request your free
√ Annual Broward County Parent Information Directory;
√ Shopping;
√ Sports;
√ Taxes on real estate - how to calculate;
√ Transportation and much more.

If you are moving internationally, in addition to the above,
you will find information on:

√ Aspects of the American way of life;
√ Cellular phone service;
√ Consulate offices;
√ Conversion chart;
√ Credit - why it's important and how to establish it;
√ English classes - who has them and where to take them;
√ Group support;
√ Health insurance - how the system works;
√ List of major American holidays and their meaning;
√ Telephone - how to establish service - how to use;
√ Translators and much more.

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Moving and Relocating in South Florida

Free Key Guide

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